KUM Pencut Scissors

Scissors can be a sensitive subject with lefties, because we’ve been scarred with a lifetime of embarrassment from trying to wrangle a pair of right-handed scissors. There are many options now for lefty scissors or even ambidextrous scissors that work great, but I’d like to highlight one highly portable pair of scissors by KUM called the Pencut. The Pencut is 5 inches long and half an inch thick, and has a cap with a clip. This size means that the Pencut can easily fit in your pen case or pocket, and that you never have to be without a pair of useable scissors again. The cap clicks on securely and keeps the scissors from opening in your pocket or bag. The Pencut is special because the blades are double edged and can be reversed depending on the user’s handedness. The packaging is in Japanese but has visual instructions for how to orient the blades and finger loops. The slider for the little finger loops can also be reversed. There are other pen sized scissors on the market but I don’t know if they’re ambidextrous.

The plastic on these seems pretty sturdy, and the blades are child-friendly. The size makes these scissors suitable for a wide range of ages, but don’t look ridiculous in adult hands. These would be great to have around for on-the-go crafting emergencies, first aid emergencies (the blades would be okay to sterilize, just don’t get any alcohol on the plastic), or even snack opening emergencies. If you want, you could probably cut hair with these too just don’t quote me on that. In all seriousness, I really like having these scissors around.

The Pencut comes in lime green, fuchsia, and black. They’re $13.50 USD and are available on JetPens. I don’t usually post reviews of non-pen or non-pen-adjacent items but as a site geared toward lefties I wanted to talk about these cool scissors.


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